Special Programs

Tri-city Home Owner Special Program

How does it work?

BytBot offers a free product for the home owners meeting the below criteria.

1) Shoot an installation guidance video within 30 days;

2) The video is selected by BytBot and you are willing to give the copyright of the video to BytBot.

3) One homeowner could choose one of the below selected products. 


(Click the picture to see product details)

50% off even if...

If you could not provide the video guidance within 30 days, or the video provided is not selected by BytBot.

You can choose to keep the sample product and pay only 50% of the price, or return the product back to Bytbot, after 30 days free trial.

How to order?

-Order online directly (any option of one product )and choose Cash On Delivery when checking out.

- The ordered product would be delivered for free within 2 business days. 

-All BytBot products do not have a monthly fee.

Still have questions

Contact the the area manager Roman: